About Us

Jim Munday, an entrepreneur and Software Design & Test Specialist founded Chain-Tracker because he was frustrated by the often lengthy and time-consuming process involved in buying and selling properties where many parties needed to be kept in the loop.

It was his father, a retired architect turned farmer, who first came up with the concept a few years ago while driving his tractor. Having spent 40 plus years in the property industry he was all too familiar with the stresses of buying and selling a home.

He shared the idea with Jim who immediately became intrigued and after some research was surprised at the fact such a service did not already exist in the marketplace and set about setting up Chain-Tracker.

Having built up and run eight online businesses previously and having learnt many valuable lessons along the way, Jim put all his expertise (and money) into building Chain-Tracker in the hope this ‘One-Stop’ efficient service would turn into the successful business he had always dreamt of.

A One Man Affair

Chain-Tracker is currently a one man affair and given Jim is currently in full-time employment, he is now looking for investment/partnership as well as a number of non-executive directors to turn his dream into a reality. Always willing to listen to new/innovative ideas and offers of support, Jim welcomes your input, so please don't hesitate in contacting us if you would like to get involved or think you can help.

Our Mission

Chain-Tracker acts as a central hub where Sellers, Buyers, Solicitors/Conveyancers and Estate Agents can easily communicate with each other. Our website allows all parties to share valuable information on the status of a sale or property purchase. The aim of the website is to help parties know just where they stand at any given point in time.

1.2million properties are sold every year in the UK with around 80% of them having at least one buyer, one seller, one Solicitor and one Estate Agent being locked in the ‘chain’.

At present a property sale or purchase takes on average 3 months to complete

Currently, there is no direct competition in the marketplace, but with this said, there are a small number of companies that target Estate Agents and Solicitors. Their services allows both the agents and solicitors to track the progress of a property sale or purchase, but these services don't extend to all other parties involved in the process.

Our unique online service allows buyers/sellers and all parties concerned to know how things stand at any given moment in time by simply visiting our website and logging on.

To find out more, don't hesitate in contacting us today.

A Little About the Software

All software, designs, brand name and domain have been developed and set in place by Jim Munday using personal investment and he is the sole owner of the business.

Chain-Tracker.com boasts an approved IPO on the design, name and branding. This can be viewed here: IPO

To find out more information please don't hesitate in contacting us today, we would be only too happy to discuss an investment plan with you.

New Copy for The Benefits Page

Chain-Tracker targets every property sale/purchase every step of the way through a membership system. Our unique software makes the whole process a more transparent and speedier experience all round. Selling or purchasing a property is less stressful because all parties know exactly where things stand at any given time.

The Benefits

Everyone benefits when using Chain-Tracker.

Buyers, Sellers, Estate Agents, Conveyancers, Solicitors and Mortgage Companies can reap the benefits because the lines of communication are always kept up-to-date in real time. Other benefits include the following:

  • Transparency is guaranteed
  • Delays are avoided every step of the way
  • Buying and selling a property is a seamless experience from the word go
  • The stress is taken out of the process

Chain-Tracker takes all the hard work out of buying and selling properties, lightening the load for everyone involved in the process. Time consuming, all-important phone calls and emails become a thing of the past.

Meet the Current Team

Jim Munday – CEO and sole owner of Chain-Tracker.com

Mike Lowe – Owner of a chain of seven Estate Agents located in Essex, offers expert advice and industry guidance

Sophie Cannon – An experienced Conveyancer based in Essex

Simon Dawkins – A local property developer, risk expert and business mentor

Netblink Full time development team based in Poland